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Book and keep track of your appointments with our online booking system. Please be sure to book an initial consultation if it is your first time visiting our Dunsborough acupuncture clinic. 

Please read our cancellation policy before booking. By proceeding to booking, you agree to the booking and cancellation terms.

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Initial Consultation

Adult – $170 (60-75mins)
Under 16 – $125 (45-60mins)

Please book this appointment if you are a new patient. An initial consultation includes a confidential and thorough discussion about your health and wellbeing history as well as your first treatment. A tailored treatment plan will be discussed with you and may also include herbal remedies and dietary/lifestyle advice.

Subsequent Consultation

Adult – $125 (45-50mins)
Under 16 – $95 (30mins)

This appointment is for patients who have already had their initial consultation and are attending ongoing acupuncture appointments.

Extended Consultation

Adult – $155 (60-75mins)

Extended appointments are necessary if your treatment is complex or requires additional time to apply electroacupuncture, laser acupuncture, cupping, or extensive moxibustion techniques.